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Our Mission
Nuestra Mission

Sometimes a meal is not the only nourishment the body needs and more importantly to those in need, where resources may be as scarce or simply not available. The mission of our organization is to enable those in need with nutritional meals as well as a way to entertain their souls. We establish partnerships with community organizations to where our reach ambits are widen to a scaleable proportion. Our meal distributions have conceived a collaboration with a local grassroots project “Culture and Community Association” where the global cultural immersion component of our mission is well established. Above all we strive for comprehensive integration of recipients, regardless of their country of origin. Humans in need coming together without language barriers or borders.

Feeding 35 Famlies a Week • Feed 100 a Week in 2018 • 4 Volunteers in 2017
20 Volunteers Projected for 2018

Cultural Affairs
Assuntos Culturares

Cultural Accessibility

Promoting a culture of inclusion through accessibility for all members of society regardless of socio-economics, race, or language. Our volunteer-run group of cultural ambasadors promote the interaction between our recipients and the arts.

Networking & Socializing Events

We believe that our services are only baby-steps to living a richer life. Our main goal is for our recepients to expand their network and socialize beyond the scope of our organization. 

Reduced-Cost or Complimentary Events

Our organization strives to host events which are complimentary or at a reduced cost to members of the community. As a geographical melting-pot our events touch upon all mediums of the entertainment spectrum. 

Community Integration

Our volunteers and members of the community work hand-in-hand to create a win-win synergy that is irreplaceable. This integration undertakes the needs of our community and the services we can bring forward to improve the lives of those we serve. 

Group rides / Transportation

To allow members of the community to partake in the events we host or sponsor, we have set up shared rides or transportation. This initiative allows for those whom lack transportation services to attend our events.

Holistic Rehabilitaiton

One of our most valued goal is to rehabilitate members of our community from a holistic stand-point. Opening doors to cultural affairs which are conducive to active and productive lifestyles.

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